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Will hope save our planet? The last episode of From the Moon

August 19 2021
Can we look to the future with any sense of hope? Can innovation and the harnessing of human potential make us hopeful? In an age of activism and renewed social awareness is it even enough to passively talk about hope? Should we be actively going about achieving a better planet rather than simply hoping for it?
Joseph Grima creative director of the Design Academy Eindhoven and co-founder of the design research studio, Space Caviar, introduces a fundamentally hopeful vision of the future driven by a new generation of architects and designers who are abandoning the modernist orthodoxies of the past in favour of an ideology focused on the environment. Transformation and innovation is happening in the cultural sector too and in the publishing world Sharmaine Lovegrove is acting to effect change, making right the staggering lack of inclusion of Black voices in English literature.
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Information designer and eternal data optimist Giorgia Lupi speaks about how to visualise all the facts and figures that we are constantly bombarded with, she sees the beauty in data, a resource we can use well, or badly. More innovation comes from designer, researcher and writer Matthew Claudel on how we can develop alternative organisational models to improve cities; he asks if we should be vaccinating our economies, not only our people?
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Joseph Grima
Sharmaine Lovegrove © Suki Dhanda
Giorgia Lupi
Matthew Claudel © Kim Smith

"That's the kind of design that's going to take us to the next level. And we're just going to look back at this period, incredibly wasteful and arrogant period of domination of nature, and think it was just completely crazy."
Joseph Grima

"I really hope that the work that we're doing now means that the future is brighter and more equal for a whole host of people from different backgrounds, genders, economic situations."
Sharmaine Lovegrove

"To do data good is not about having all of the data, all of the information and presenting everything. But it's really, for example, starting to treat missing data as data points, the thing that we don't know needs to go into the data set and into the chart as much as the thing that we know."
Giorgia Lupi

"Talking about mass vaccinating, the economy it's a buzzword, but it also has some really important implications for how we think about government, and the economy, and infrastructure in our cities."
Matthew Claudel
Host: David Plaisant Sound editor: Alex Portfelix Soundtrack: Jon Arnold dei Super Drama Production Triennale Milano: Marco Martello, Gabriele Savioli

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