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The cracks that risk destroying our planet: the second episode of From the Moon

June 10 2021
From the moon Planet Earth is a beautiful sphere of blues, greens and swirling white clouds. It is a seemingly peaceful composition that holds within it everything, quite literally everything. All the people, places and stories of our existence. How can we decipher all those experiences, all those elements that distinguish us as human beings? And how do we interpret the greatness of the natural world, the effects of climate change and the above all: how everything is interconnected.
On this, Episode 2 of From the Moon, we are going to examine a Divided Planet. In the last episode It quickly became apparent that the peaceful picture of the blue and green planet that we observe - is just that - a picture. A beautiful picture that evokes much emotion in all of us. But should we question that sense of collectivity? Afterall as much as many of our guests observe a wonderful natural world that needs to be preserved, they also see a broken planet with many deep cracks. Many of these divisions seem to be growing and the Covid 19 Pandemic has highlighted them like never before.

"Those in power have no incentive to relinquish power that's just like throughout history that has been proven. And so we need to ensure that our institutions, our boards, our staff, are representative of the communities in which they live."
Nico Daswani
© Mike Erskine
The second episode of From the Moon, entitled Divided Planet looks at the divisions that run through our societies, from race to wealth. The information age has shone a light on a world that is more divided than ever. Maybe a new culture is the only hope of survival? David Plaisant, host of the podcast From the Moon, converses with Andrés Jaque, Nico Daswani, Hou Hanru, Anupama Kundoo and Kandis Williams.

Nico Daswani
Kandis Williams © Dicko Chan
Hou Hanru © Musacchio&Ianniello
Anupama Kundoo © Juan Rayos
Andrés Jaque Architect, writer and curator.
Nico Daswani Head of Arts & Culture at the World Economic Forum.
Hou Hanrou International art curator, critic and Artistic Director of MAXXI, National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Rome since 2013.
Anupama Kundoo Architect and professor at UCJC Madrid where she is Chair of "Affordable Habitat".
Kandis Williams Visual artist whose practice spans collage, performance, writing, publishing and curating.
Host: David Plaisant Sound editor: Alex Portfelix Soundtrack: Jon Arnold from Super Drama Production Triennale Milano: Marco Martello, Gabriele Savioli