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Triennale Milano

Discover all the ways to experience Triennale with your family
Education is a lifetime journey that affects every corner of Triennale Milano. We organize activities for children and families to play, explore and approach art, aiming at stimulating the creativity of kids by offering activities inside and outside the walls of the institution. Our exhibitions and shows are tools for asking questions about the world, in accessible and fun moments of encounter that aim at the well-being and serenity of every family.

Come join us

Explore the spaces of the Palazzo dell'Arte with the whole family. We are open to all and organize guided tours and experiences of all kinds from current exhibitions and shows.

Get ready

Experience Triennale even from home with the Album Junior: a series of illustrated publications with activities, curiosities and insights into the exhibitions, designed to add fun to the visit of the little ones. Pick them up for free at the ticket office or download them below to carry with you at all times.
© Gianluca Di Ioia

Tips for your visit

Come whenever. You can enter the spaces from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ask at the ticket office for prices and reductions for families.
We keep your things safe. There are lockers in the lobby available to everyone free of charge.
Strollers are welcome. Bring your stroller with you to all exhibit spaces.
Feel at home. On the ground floor there is a children's bathroom with a changing table. You can breastfeed wherever you feel comfortable, but ask our mediators if you want privacy.
Have a snack. Caffè Triennale offers a children's menu and provides height-adjustable seats and seats for toddlers upon request.
Accessible to all. You can request a sensory backpack that makes it easier for neurodivergent boys and girls to enjoy the exhibits. The backpacks are made with a grant from Fondazione Cariplo, as part of the call "Per la Cultura".
Treat yourself to a souvenir. Visit the Store to discover picture books and gadgets for the little ones.
Ask for help. Our cultural mediators are available to answer any questions or guide you to your destination.
© Gianluca Di Ioia

At-home activities

Activities to stimulate creativity and fun even at home: from creating artwork to podcasts told directly from the voices of boys and girls.