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A whole new way to experience Triennale Milano

Whether you are just starting out at Triennale or you are a professional in the creative field, you can immerse yourself in our program in a place where interaction becomes discovery every day and enriches all those who decide to become a part of it.
Summer concerts in our garden are coming back! Buy an Explorer, Insider or Supporter membership to attend all the music programming.

Choose the membership that is best for you
A tailor-made Triennale
5 tickets to your favorite exhibitions and shows from our programming to use throughout the year.
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100/ year
A new experience every day
Explore Triennale as often as you like: you have free admission to all the exhibitions. Your membership also gives you free admission to 5 shows of your choice, and your guest gets a discount on the ticket.
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170/ year
A world of culture you can share
Live the Triennale experience all year round, with free admission to our exhibitions for you and 1 guest. With Insider membership, you can choose 10 shows from the best of the international performance scene and your guest enters with a reduced-price ticket.
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400/ year
Be part of something great Share your passions: free admission to all exhibitions for you and 3 guests and to all shows and concerts for you and 1 guest. Explore the exhibitions up close in the company of artists, designers and architects at the opening events.
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from 1.500 € / year*
Make your mark on culture
Make your mark by being actively engaged in the world of culture: with the Patron program you support our activities firsthand and have unlimited access to our programming with your guests, taking part in events across the world, through the Triennale network.
* The Art bonus tax benefit allows up to 65% to be recovered as a tax credit, Italian Income Tax Code (TUIR) up to 100%