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Triennale Milano
Patron program

Make your mark on culture
Make your mark by being actively engaged in the world of culture: with the Patron program you support our activities firsthand and have unlimited access to our programming.
The Patron program embraces the multidisciplinary nature of Triennale Milano and allows the institution to be experienced in its full expression”.
Stefano Boeri, President of Triennale Milano

Patron program is

Cultural patronage

Support the institutional mission and our cultural activities firsthand, empowering us to carry out ever-changing projects. Take part in promoting the institution's heritage and history, generating value for the city and territory.

International network

Build lasting relationships with artists, curators, collectors, and other program participants, becoming part of a dynamic group of innovative experiences.

First-hand experiences

Attend exhibition openings, tours accompanied by curators, meetings with leading figures from the worlds of art, design, architecture, and theater, enjoy performances, and take part in special events.

World-wide travel

Travel with us in Italy and abroad: we organize private visits to international museums and collections, guided by our curators or representatives of partner institutions, meetings and events with artists and designers, and many behind-the-scenes activities.
Tax relief
The ArtBonus tax benefit allows the donor to recover, as a tax credit, 65 percent of what is donated for the benefit of cultural heritage for its preservation and enhancement. For more information:
Join the program
The Patron program is for individuals only and provides a range of support starting from 1,500 euros. One can enjoy dedicated benefits for 365 days from the date of subscription. To further support the institution, it is possible to join specific projects with additional donations.
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