Triennale Milano

March 3 2023
On Wednesday, March 1, Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3, the Caffè Triennial will be closed. It will reopen to the public on Saturday, March 4. We look forward to seeing you!
November 15 2022
On November 15, Romeo Castellucci's EL installation was not accessible for a few hours due to a technical glitch, which is currently resolved. Apologizing for the inconvenience, we invite anyone who was unable to see it to return to Triennale with the ticket purchased on November 15 to visit the installation, which is on view until November 20.
July 27 2022
The Call promoted by Triennale Milano and Gibellina Photoroad/Open air & Site-specific Festival is now open. It stems from a reflection on what it means to reinterpret the public space with the aim of hosting temporary site-specific installations in a multidisciplinary and inclusive perspective. Read the notice
June 13 2022
Installation work for the 23rd International Exhibition are in progress: the exhibition spaces and ticket office will be closed until July 15. Triennale Estate programming continues in the garden with meetings, events and dj sets.
June 21 2022
Announced the 4 finalists of the call DNAppunti coreografici 2022, also promoted by Triennale: “Lucciole – L’arte del dubbio” (Vittoria Caneva), “Irene” (Alessandro Marzotto), “Contre-poids” (Tommy Cattin, Massimo Monticelli), “Decisione consapevole” (Roberto Tedesco). Learn more
May 4 2022
We would like to inform the public that on 5 May 2022 the Italian Design Museum will remain open to the public until 19:00. The fixed shift for the Raymond Depardon/Modern. La vita moderna is cancelled.
May 11 2022
The magazine Domus listed two triennale Milano products among the 10 best Italian and international podcasts focused on design and architecture. Learn more
March 31 2022
New open position for curricular internship in cultural mediation.
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