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Triennale Milano
© Michael Dziedzic

Visible and invisible divisions in the third episode of From the Moon

June 24 2021
In this Episode 3 of From the Moon, we are going to be “Crossing Borders” referring to a much-used figure of speech when looking at the globe.  But rather than looking at borders as the traditional divisions between countries, nation states or cultures we are going to attempt to find out what these demarcations, these artificial lines, these separations really look like from our human and often personal perspective.
© Annie Spratt

"There are, let's say, what is normally called "Digital divides", between areas of the world that have access to extremely efficient digital infrastructures and areas of the world which don't."
Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli
In Frontiers: Visible and Invisible, from demarcations in the Amazon to data front lines on our smartphones and under the oceans, we look at the visible and invisible frontiers that continue to affect billions of people.
David Plaisant, host of the From the Moon podcast, discusses these issues with Amiri Hangama, artist; Rabih Mroué, actor and director; Thyago Nogueira, curator and Head of the Contemporary Photography Department at the Instituto Moreira Salles in Brazil; Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, architect and curator.

"I hope my work could project a more hopeful voice in order to encourage a future generation of Afghan women to bring new representations of the East into being, not for the western viewers, but actually for themselves and for their own communities." 
Amiri Hangama
© Marcos Corrêa/PR

"And you can see how the world is going on and on today, with the right wings with nationalistic populistic racism, everything in the world is rising to put borders, frontiers everywhere."
Rabih Mroué 

Portrait of Amiri Hangama
Portrait of Thyago Nogueira
Portrait of Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli © Fred Ernst
Portrait of Rabih Mroué © Houssam Mcheimech

“[…] so it doesn't respect at all the idea that all the people in all the communities can determine the way they want to live. And they have to determine and they have to be heard. And they have to take their own decisions."
Thyago Nogueira
Host: David Plaisant Sound editor: Alex Portfelix Soundtrack: Jon Arnold dei Super Drama Production Triennale Milano: Marco Martello, Gabriele Savioli