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Triennale Milano
Research and archives

Cuore – Research, study and archives center
A research center, an archive, an enhancement platform: a space dedicated to research, memory, and innovation, created to bring out the scientific design work that underlies all our activities. A place designed to welcome a network that brings together visitors, researchers, universities, superintendencies, foundations and companies.
The design of the space
The design of the space reveals once more the original architecture designed by Giovanni Muzio in 1933 and is part of a pathway to development and restoration involving the whole of the Palazzo dell’Arte.
Cuore is
A platform for research, experimentation, and critical reflection on contemporaneity and the future

Research and innovation

Coming back to life is Triennale research Center, which carries out scholarly and academic studies and research on central issues of our present and develops innovative projects and services.

Archives, collections and library

A unique view of our institution's cultural heritage and historical memory, from design to art, architecture to theater, graphics to photography.


A platform for development, dissemination of information and discussion, dedicated to the collections and archives of public and private bodies.


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