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General terms and conditions for sales

1. Subject
1.1 These general terms and conditions for sales govern the sale and purchase of tickets (“Tickets”) to exhibitions, events and shows organized by Fondazione La Triennale di Milano (“Triennale Milano”). The tickets are documents issued by Triennale Milano, including in digital form, that permit the holder to access the premises and/or services indicated on the documents themselves. The Tickets are issued through MTicket S.r.l., with offices at no. 36 Viale Cassala, 20143 Milan, VAT and tax code no.: 10135930963, (“MTicket”), using MTicket’s own software.
1.2 The offer and distance selling of the Tickets is subject to the regulations stated under Section I, Title III (art. 45 ff.) of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (the “Consumer Code”), and Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, no. 70, containing the regulations for electronic sales. The online publication of these general terms and conditions and the purchase order confirmation supplied to the purchaser serve as the “official confirmation of the contract on a durable medium” in accordance with art. 51, par. 7 of the Consumer Code.
2. Purchases of Tickets and membership agreements
2.1 Contracts for ticket purchases governed under these general terms and conditions (the “Contracts”) may be concluded as and when required by parties interested in participating in various events organized by Triennale Milano.
2.2 Paper tickets may be purchased at the Triennale Milano ticket office at no. 6 Viale Alemagna, Milan, during the office opening times as follows: 11:00 – 19:00, Tuesday- Sunday. Please note that these are the normal ticket office opening times, but they may be subject to change (e.g. ticket office opening times are extended during performances). In the event of purchases made from the ticket office, the Contract is deemed to be concluded at the moment that payment is made for the cost of the Ticket.
2.3 In the case of distance sales, Tickets may be acquired after completing the procedure enabled by the MTicket S.r.l. software, that consists of the following phases:
  • selection of the event;
  • selection and confirmation of the date and time of participation in the event, and, if applicable, the type of seat;
  • selection of the price category based on the information provided by Triennale Milano (right to concessions);
  • addition of the selected Tickets to the basket;
  • selection of the delivery method for the tickets;
  • confirmation of the purchase details;
  • filling in the details required for identification, payment and delivery where required;
  • final confirmation of the transaction.
  • 2.4 For the successful conclusion of the procedure described in point 2.2, the user has 15 minutes to complete the purchase with confirmation of payment; after this period has elapsed, the selected Tickets will be removed from the basket and will be offered on sale to the public again. The user must provide their own personal data and, where required, the data for each party for whom the Ticket is legitimately being purchased. The purchaser declares and guarantees that all the details regarding the personal data supplied during the purchasing process are up-to-date, complete, accurate and true, and authorizes Triennale Milano to verify the accuracy of the personal data as well as any other information provided.
    2.5 Membership agreements with Triennale Milano may be made using the methods described in points 2.2. and 2.3, according to the category selected by the interested party. The membership agreement is designed to allow the purchase of Ticket packages valid for a predetermined period of time, that may be used for any event organized by Triennale Milano within the applicable period of time. As a result of their membership agreement, the purchaser will also have the right to discounts and additional services, which vary according to the membership category selected.
    2.6 The membership agreement offers non-transferable rights and lasts for 365 days from the date the agreement is made or from the activation date in the event of a gift. Those who have redeemed entry to an event under their membership agreement will not have the right to change or modify their ticket. Triennale Milano will not refund the cost of any Tickets that are unused or unredeemed by the expiry date of the membership. 
    2.7 If potential purchasers encounter any problems or difficulties in purchasing Tickets or concluding a membership agreement as described above, and particularly, if they do not receive the email confirming the Contracts and/or a copy of the Ticket they have purchased, they should inform Triennale Milano in writing of the problem they have encountered by email to: membership@triennale.org. The Contract reference number (a code consisting of letters and numbers indicated in the payment confirmation) should be stated in the Subject of the email.
    3. Ticket Availability
    With regard to Tickets purchased online, the user acknowledges and accepts that:
  • several users may be trying to purchase the same category of Ticket for the same event at the same time, through final confirmation of the transaction;
  • all requests generated by the transaction confirmation with regard to Tickets for the same event are processed in chronological order;
  • Tickets may therefore only be purchased if the desired Ticket category is still available, depending on the actions carried out by other users.
  • 4. Ticket prices and payment terms
    4.1 Triennale Milano publishes the price for each ticket on its internet site and at the ticket office. The prices of Tickets for a particular cultural event may vary over time, without affecting the price accepted by the purchaser at the moment the purchase Contract is concluded, which remains unchanged.
    4.2 All Ticket prices, as well as charges for services and advance bookings, and all other prices displayed, are inclusive of VAT.
    4.3 Ticket payments must be made in the official legal currency of Italy.
    4.4 Ticket payments may be made by credit card: accepted credit cards are shown during the ticket purchasing process. Triennale Milano reserves the right to apply restrictions and exclusions to the payment tools that can be used to pay for Tickets.
    5. Rights to concessions
    5.1 Concessionary rates that may apply are shown by Triennale Milano on the ticket prices displayed to the public.
    5.2 If a customer completes the purchase Contract with the application of a concession that is invalid, due to an error in supplying the relevant details during the process described in point 2.3 of these general terms and conditions, or in breach of the conditions stated in point 2.4, the Tickets purchased by this customer at a discounted price shall be deemed invalid. In this case, the ticket purchaser should correct the purchase at the Triennale Milano ticket office within 5 working days before the start of the event, by paying the necessary supplement or by repurchasing the Ticket (provided that the Ticket is still available).
    6. Use of Tickets
    6.1 Purchased Tickets should be kept in a safe place until the date of the event, and should then be printed and shown to the Triennale Milano personnel responsible for checking or authenticating tickets through the appropriate devices.
    6.2 Tickets are personal and are only valid for one entry; ticket duplication is not permitted. Ticket holders may not re-sell the Tickets, or engage in secondary ticket-selling activities.
    6.3 Customers must have a valid Ticket in order to access cultural events organized by Triennale Milano. Tickets are only deemed to be valid if officially purchased by the user from the Triennale Milano website or ticket office, in accordance with section 2 of these general terms and conditions. In the event that a customer has purchased a Ticket from unauthorized parties or that the Ticket has been stolen, duplicated or obtained in breach of these general terms and conditions, or if it is damaged or spoilt, Triennale Milano may deny entry to the ticket holder, or may require the ticket holder to leave the event.
    6.4 Tickets may only be used at the specific times scheduled for that particular cultural event to take place. In the event of a performance, for safety reasons and to avoid disturbing other members of the audience, admission is not permitted once the performance has started.
    7. Ticket refunds or exchanges
    7.1 Except in the cases expressly stated in these general terms and conditions, Triennale Milano does not allow refunds of Ticket purchases, nor exchanges of Tickets already purchased. In particular, Triennale Milano does not allow Tickets to be exchanged or the cost to be refunded if non-attendance at the event is due to causes that cannot be attributed to Triennale Milano, such as, by way of example but not limited to, errors made in the purchasing process, late arrival, illness of the ticketholder or transport strikes; ticket exchanges and refunds are not permitted if the tickets have already been stamped by the ticket-holder at the entrance to the venue.
    7.2 Ticket-holders will only have the right to request a refund from Triennale Milano in the following situations:
  • cancellation of the event (exhibition or performance);
  • a power cut or technical problem lasting over an hour (exhibition);
  • a delay of over 30 minutes to the start of an event (performance);
  • duration of an event extended by 30 minutes or more beyond the time indicated on the website or in the program (performance);
  • a change made to the time/date/location stated by Triennale Milano at the time the ticket purchase was concluded (exhibition or performance).
  • 7.3 If the ticket-holder considers that one of the situations described in point 7.2 of these general terms and conditions applies and that they therefore have the right to a refund of the cost of the Ticket, they should send the refund request by email to Triennale Milano at: biglietteria@triennale.org, specifying the reason for the request and attaching a copy of the Ticket for which they are claiming a refund. Triennale Milano will reply to the refund request within 5 working days of receipt of the email, informing the ticket-holder that their claim has been accepted or explaining the reasons why it has not been accepted. If the request for a refund is accepted, Triennale Milano will specify the time and methods by which the refund will be received.
    8. Right to withdrawal (membership agreements)
    If a membership agreement has been purchased by the customer through distance selling, the purchaser shall have the right to withdraw from the contract by sending an email to membership@triennale.org, within fourteen days from the conclusion of the contract as specified in art. 52 of the Consumer Code.
    9. Exclusion from the right to withdrawal (Tickets)
    Since the contract for Ticket purchases concerns leisure activity services that Triennale Milano undertakes to provide on a specific date, in accordance with art. 59, comma 1, letter n) of the Consumer Code, the right to withdrawal under art. 52 of the Consumer Code does not apply and therefore the purchaser cannot exercise such a right with regard to Tickets.
    10. Protection of personal data
    10.1 You are informed that Triennale Milano is the data controller and that your personal data will be collected and processed in accordance with the methods and criteria stated under the GDPR (EU) 2016/679 and subsequent amendments and additions. The supply of your data is necessary for the performance of the Contract and the processing of your data is lawful and necessary in compliance with art. 6 of the GDPR (EU) 2016/679. You are also informed that your data will be processed in paper form and/or using automated means and may be shared with our subsidiary and affiliated companies and with organizations operating in Italy and abroad. Consumers may at any time exercise their rights under art. 15 ff of the GDPR (EU) 2016/679. In concluding the Contract, the Purchaser gives their consent to the processing of their personal data.
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