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Triennale Milano
Private Events

The premises of Triennale Milano are available for private events: evenings, conferences, meetings, fashion shows, dinners, screenings, congresses, and corporate and promotional meetings. The variety and flexibility of the premises makes it possible to satisfy the needs of the organisers in a unique and sophisticated setting

Private events

Triennale Milano offers its spaces to companies, which can put on major communication and promotion events. The settings are striking for their clean lines, the perfection of the interior volumes, and the quality of the furnishings, which are designed to be adaptable to any need. There are also exclusive services such as Caffè Triennale, Caffè Giardino, the Store, and the panoramic restaurant Terrazza Triennale.

Film and photo shoots

The Palazzo dell'Arte and the Garden constitute a truly unique backdrop for television commercials, photo shoots, films and television programmes.