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Triennale Milano
Triennale Summer Collecting Stories
April 27 – October 15 2021

Triennale Summer. Held in the Giancarlo De Carlo Garden, Collecting Stories is a project for everyone, so the city can once again experience culture together. Triennale Summer gives voice to a whole series of themes, ranging from design to architecture, to urban regeneration and photography through to theatre and the performing arts. It has a particular focus on issues such as sustainability, green diversity, intergenerational dialogue, and the promotion of women in contemporary art and it has the contribution of disciplines such as history and philosophy as further means to understanding the contemporary world. 
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Photo by Federico Lancellotti on Unsplash
Triennale Estate

Milano Urban Center 2021

May 18 – September 28 2021
12 groups of professionals and experts address the 4 main themes: regeneration and innovation, the cities of the future, nature in the city, post-covid cities.

© Triennale Milano
Triennale Estate

Unknown Futures:Conversations on Philosophy and Images

May 26 – September 23 2021
A series of meetings in collaboration with the San Raffaele University.

© Triennale Milano
Triennale Estate

In Code

May 26 – September 10 2021
A series of meetings dealing with the issue of codes: methods of dissemination that rely on new mediation tools.

© Triennale Milano
Triennale Estate

Design and Photography

May 27 – September 9 2021
A series of meetings with the great masters and the youngest and most emerging photographers.

© Triennale Milano
Triennale Estate

Italian Graphic Art

June 3 – July 15 2021
A series of meetings to deepen Italian graphics.

© Triennale Milano
Triennale Estate

Transversal Trajectories

June 5 – August 29 2021
5 events in collaboration with Le Cannibale dedicated to the encounter between music and video and the evolution of the languages ​​that characterize electronic music.

Triennale Estate


June 8 – September 4 2021
A cycle of events dedicated to deepening the city's neighborhoods, their images, their architecture, objects, people, experiences

The founders of "Flash Art": Helena Kontova and Giancarlo Politi. Photo by Milan Knizak. Courtesy "Flash Art"
Triennale Estate

Flash Art Uncovers / Talks Four meetings on art from 1967 to 2021

June 11 – July 23 2021
Four meetings that tell the seminal moments of contemporary art from 1967 to 2021.

Triennale Estate

Magical Nights Europei 2021

June 11 – 20, 2021
The matches played by the Italian national team will be screened during the 16th UEFA European Football Championship.

© Triennale Milano
Triennale Estate

AriAnteo The open-air cinema in Milan for Triennale Summer

June 11 – September 30 2021
A programme with Italian and foreign films, as well as major productions and films for all the family.

© Triennale Milano
Triennale Estate

The Female Protagonists of Italian Contemporary Art A Conversation between the Generations

June 16 – September 29 2021
A cycle of 4 meetings in which some of the protagonists of Italian contemporary art meet with artists from younger generations.

© Scott Warman da Unsplash

The Sweet Tomorrow

July 23 – November 26 2021

© Kamil Feczko da Unsplash
Triennale Estate

Pick your Mystery

July 27 – 29, 2021



September 14 – 23, 2021
ULTRADIM investigates the relationships and connections between digital and analog dimensions, the integration between organic and inorganic experience, and between technological and artistic experimentation.

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