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Triennale Milano

Research and innovation

The new Research Center

After more than thirty years, the Triennale Research Center has come back to life inside Cuore, promoting scientific and academic studies and research on key issues of the present day that will be developed within our future programs. It is also intended to develop planning skills and innovative services, leveraging the institution’s specific expertise.

Illustration by Jonathan Calugi
In an ever-changing reality, cultural institutions can seize momentous changes in technology, science and social customs and convert them into projects and ideas.


Photo by Gianluca Di Ioia

In the field of research, the Research Center aims to
  • identify and develop the themes of International Expositions by promoting conventions, conferences and symposia;
  • develop research and scientific paths functional to our cultural programming;
  • promote and develop research on our historical heritage;
  • activate and promote collaborations with doctoral students, researchers and university institutes to develop specific lines of research;
  • create connections and collaborations with companies and businesses that share our same values and goals.


Photo by Gianluca Di Ioia

In the area of innovation, the study center aims to
  • propose services, consulting and roadmaps for innovation and digitalization of public and private enterprises and entities;
  • offer training and coaching on specific issues;
  • provide cultural and scientific advice to solve contemporary issues.


The space is accessible for free from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm.

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The design of the space
The design of the space reveals once more the original architecture designed by Giovanni Muzio in 1933 and is part of a pathway to development and restoration involving the whole of the Palazzo dell’Arte.