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From the Moon: Season 2

November 7 2022
From the Moon 2 is the podcast series created by Triennale Milano with journalist David Plaisant, to explore the themes of the 23rd International Exhibition Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries.
From the Moon 2, as the first season released in 2021, uses the tools (and brains) from the worlds of culture, design, science, philosophy and more besides to give a truly interdisciplinary approach to investigating Planet Earth as something to be understood and ultimately as a generator of knowledge. Continuing to serve as an observatory of sorts, the seven episodes of the second season of From the Moon steer their attention from the pursuit of earthly knowledge to that of the great unknown. Closely following the themes of the 23rd Triennale Milano International Exhibition, From the Moon 2 allows the listener to examine, rethink and discover the aspects of the unknown, through the plurality of voices of the artists, designers, and architects involved in the exhibition.
David Plaisant, podcast host
Among the guests who will participate in the 7 episodes of From the Moon 2 are: Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas; Mexican artist Bosco Sodi; Camilo Oliveira form Space caviar; Colin Koop of the architecture studio SOM; research-driven design and art studio Nonhuman Nonsense; Italian graphic designer Irene Stracuzzi; art historian Leslie Geddes; Marco Sammicheli, Director of Museo del Design italiano di Triennale Milano; Italian philosopher Emanuele Coccia; Pietro Righi Riva of Santa Ragione with the independent game designers of Game Collection Vol. 2; architect winner of the Pritzker Prize 2022 Francis Kéré; design studio Formafantasma.

Let’s create a new paradigm: not to repress or undo the mystery but rather let’s learn to coexist with it.
Episode 1 from 14 November Push and Pull
Episode 2 from 21 November Into the Great Unknown
Episode 3 from 28 November Fact vs Fiction
Episode 4 from 5 December Mapping the Uncharted
Episode 5 from 12 December The Unknown as a Tradition
Episode 6 from 19 December Gaming the Unknown
Episode 7 from 26 December What is the Real World?
David Plaisant is a freelance journalist and writer based in Italy. He began his career in London, where he worked in architecture and design advocacy groups and then as a design writer and radio producer for multimedia brand Monocle.
Host: David Plaisant Coordination and project management: Pale Blue D°t Sound editor: Alex Portfelix Soundtrack: Jon Arnold of Super Drama Cover: © 2x4