How artist Onka Allmayer–Beck found inspiration in Saul Steinberg

December 10 2021

Saul Steinberg
Must be / and is a huge inspiration for every drawing person, especially if you work in black and white you can’t get past him. For me he was a genius, the simplicity, the Witt and the boldness of a single line! As every creator knows "simple" is the hardest thing you can do, it’s scary to leave things out, to opt for the minimal. Saul Steinberg did this to perfection! I’m a big fan ever since I’m a little girl, and I’m fascinated that as a child is was my instinct that drew me to his work, but now only as a grown up I full understand the intelligence, humor and the sarcasm behind his work, that however never offends, but always stays charming. Saul Steinberg is an endless fountain of inspiration for me, and i won’t ever tire exploring his world. 

Onka Allmayer–Beck for Triennale Milano


All images: © Onka Allmayer–Beck

This article is part of the series of postcards created by the collaboration between Triennale Milano and various artists and authors to pay homage to the figure of Saul Steinberg.

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