Triennale Milano

Saul Steinberg told through the eyes of visual artist Antonio Rovaldi

December 3 2021
Hey Saul,
Yesterday I left the studio around lunchtime and walked along Via Padova in a raincoat and under a black umbrella because it was pouring with rain. I was also carrying a rucksack with two cameras on my back, and at Via Leonardo Cambini, where the market is on Thursdays, I saw you more than once. The lenses of your glasses were wet, and you were wearing a white shirt, a tie and your woollen pullover. I took your photo just before a yellow leaf broke off the frames of your black glasses and landed on the ground. Then, for a few days, I didn’t see you in town again.
It rains even today in Milan.
Saul, can I try your eyes?
Antonio Rovaldi for Triennale Milano

All the images © Antonio Rovaldi
This article is part of the series of postcards created by the collaboration between Triennale Milano and various artists and authors to pay homage to the figure of Saul Steinberg.