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Triennale Milano
MirrorMoon EP, Santa Ragione

Gaming the Unknown: Episode 6 of From the Moon 2

December 19 2022
The sixth episode of season 2 of From the Moon, Gaming the Unknown, sees the group of artists and designers involved in the Triennale Game Collection Vol. 2 in conversation with the host of the podcast, David Plaisant, and the curator of the game collection, Pietro Righi Riva.
The second edition of this kaleidoscopic online show was launched on the occasion of the 23rd International Exhibition this year and sees five experimental games created by independent game designers from around the world. Each author presents an original approach to narrative and interactive storytelling, with games exploring the unknown unknowns theme.

To me this is a really interesting space that is potentially anti-capitalistic at core, in the sense that really researching the unknown unknowns is a major risk with no rewards promised, right?
Pietro Righi Riva
Pietro Righi Riva

It's all about taking the earth and sort of reimagining it as your own planet, as if you were a child again, wondering about what other worlds might look like, as based on a tabletop globe in my Nonno’s library.
Nina Freeman
© DSL Studio

I usually like to pull from my own experience, my own life, and I've always grown up, kind of interested in space, and what's out there and [which] things [are] happening in the universe? But, there is someone out there, besides ourselves, who can understand it.
Llaura McGee

MINE, courtesy the artist
Contact, courtesy the artist
We Are Poems, courtesy the artist
WADE, courtesy the artist
David Plaisant is a freelance journalist and writer based in Italy. He began his career in London, where he worked in architecture and design advocacy groups and then as a design writer and radio producer for multimedia brand Monocle.
Pietro Righi Riva is co-founder and studio director at Santa Ragione where he worked on multiple award-winning independent games. His design philosophy is aimed at making games accessible to a broader audience by developing experiences that are not objective-driven. For the 23rd Triennale Milano International Exhibition he curated the Game Collection Vol. 2, the online exhibition of experimental games created by independent game designers from around the world, with projects exploring the themes of the International Exhibition.
Optillusion is a studio founded by game designers Dong Zhou and Yijia Chen, creators of the award-winning puzzle game Moncage, a world trapped inside a cube where each face is an interactive scene, all interconnected by visual illusions. The studio was later joined by lead programmer Chen Mi. They are united by their passion for expressive games and their desire to use game language as an art form. Their work focuses on innovative gameplay and unconventional storytelling, providing dream-like experiences for all players.
Llaura McGee is an Irish artist, writer and game maker known for creating experimental video games, installations and performances through Dreamfeel, a video game studio she founded in Dublin. She created the narrative games Curtain, which follows an abusive relationship between two women in a Glasgow punk band, and If Found, which follows a trans woman in early 90's Ireland trying to erase her memories. 
Fern Goldfarb-Ramallo (he/they) is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist and designer from Argentina. Fern has made creative software, immersive interactive installations and musical computer landscapes, including the award-winning audiovisual interactive experience Panoramical. They're interested in creating radically playful spaces and tools that provoke a sense of beauty, wonder and curiosity. With their work, Fern aims to spark moments of joy and meaning for others and themselves.
Akwasi Bediako Afrane is a Ghanaian artist living and working in Kumasi, Ghana. His works explore the idea of augmentation and extensions between technological gadgets and humans. He works with discarded electronic gadgets which he refers to as “amputees”, which he refashions and repurposes into machines and micro-organisms he describes as TRONS. These become interactive media for reflection and engagement around the globe through a variety of physical and virtual platforms. 
Nina Freeman is an American game designer and streamer based in Maryland. She is best known for her work on small, personal games, made in collaboration with Jake Jefferies and Star Maid Games. Some of these games include Cibele, an FMV game about her relationship with a lover she met in an online game, and most recently, Last Call, a poem-exploration game about sharing her personal experience with domestic violence.
Host: David Plaisant Project management: Pale Blue D°t Sound editor: Alex Portfelix Soundtrack: Jon Arnold of Super Drama