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Triennale Milano
Triennale Estate Talks
June 15 – September 30 2020

From June 15 to September 30, every day the Garden Giancarlo De Carlo hosts meetings dedicated to design, architecture, cities, contemporary art, photography, literature and philosophy.
Discover the protagonists of the talks on Triennale Summer program


The Unveiled Collection

June 16 – July 10 2020
In each event, a number of great Italian designers will "unveil" the objects they have chosen among the 1,600 in the Triennale Milano design collection, which will be shown on stage at Triennale Estate.


I nuovi milanesi nel design

July 2 – September 23 2020
A number of appointments dedicated to present some of the most interesting  international designers who have chosen to settle in Milan, thus contributing to start new organisations and creative synergies.   


Milano Urban Center – Idee per Milano 2020

June 18 – September 3 2020
Le trasformazioni urbane e l’impatto del coronavirus sul nostro modo di vivere sono il tema centrale di Idee per Milano 2020, ciclo di incontri organizzato nell’ambito del public program dell’Urban Center.


Fermo immagine 

June 19 – September 7 2020
Over two months of lockdown, the number of images skyrocketed, depicting events and stoking fears, hopes, and dreams.



September 14 – 23, 2021
ULTRADIM investigates the relationships and connections between digital and analog dimensions, the integration between organic and inorganic experience, and between technological and artistic experimentation.


Una scuola grande come il Mondo

June 24 – July 15 2020
A program of events dedicated to school and education, exploring the topic with museum directors, artists, researchers, teachers and economists.


L'anno senza primavera

June 17 – September 9 2020
Questa serie di incontri riunisce in un racconto in prima persona alcune emozioni culturali e private insieme alle storie dei migliori libri, opere, film, mostre, progetti di architettura che a causa della pandemia non sono stati presentati.


Post Covid – Psicanalisi Collettiva

July 24 2020
An alternative psychoanalytic session of life during lockdown, where the public is invited to participate as a form of collective unconscious.


Cabin Out

July 9 2020
What do Thoreau, Theodore “Unabomber” Kaczynski, Le Corbusier and Wittgenstein have in common? Four huts. Four minimalist and archetypal dwellings through which man approaches a simplicity that reaches the very core of things.


Arte e lockdown Generazioni di artisti a confronto

June 18 – September 16 2020
The Amici della Triennale participate in the Triennale Estate programme. Thanks to its President, Elena Tettamanti, the Association has promoted a series of events focused on a dialogue between pairs of contemporary artists from different generations.


I sette messaggeri 

June 23 – September 21 2020
Seven events like seven messengers which, in different forms and languages, carry a message from the world we have left behind as well as a vision of the new reality we are living in.

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