Notice for the appointment of the position of Director-General
of the Fondazione La Triennale di Milano

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The Fondazione La Triennale di Milano intends to proceed with the selection of candidates for the position of Director-General, as established by its Articles of Association.

The Director-General will be appointed in the manner set out in the Articles of Association (Art. 16) with reference to the functions indicated in Art. 19 of said Articles.

1. Profile description

The Director-General of the Foundation is above all chosen as a person with specific and proven experience in the management of cultural entities and institutions.

In particular, the position of Director-General of the Foundation involves the following activities:

a) Organisation and management (expansion, conservation, and promotion) of the collections, of the exhibitions, and of the displays put on by the Foundation;

b) Planning, management and supervision of cultural activities (research, promotion, and formulation of exhibition activities, communication, and presentation), in line with the general plan drawn up by the Foundation;

c) Entering into and managing relations with other cultural institutions (both public and private, national and international);

d) Administration activities for the operations of the Foundation;

e) Formulating and managing activities and programmes with national and international cultural networks and partnerships in order to promote the existing cultural heritage and resources and to secure sources of funding.

1.1 Specific skills, knowledge and experience:

The candidacies will be assessed in accordance with the following criteria, in order to demonstrate the candidates’ specific skills, knowledge and experience:

a) Skills in the organisation, management and administration of the management offices of cultural entities and institutions, as well as in the organisation of individual cultural events, providing the means and instruments required for their implementation on the ground;

b) Experience in the management offices of museums and exhibition spaces and in the conservation and promotion of artistic and cultural assets in public or private entities and organisations, or in public or private companies as they pertain to the required profile;

c) Experience in planning and managing cultural activities and services, particularly as regards participation in cultural projects of international importance;

d) Experience in participating in inter-institutional working groups in the cultural field and in maintaining contacts and relations with partners and institutions with responsibilities in the sector;

e) Ability to supervise facilities that are complex in terms of the quality of their corporate objectives and in terms of the quantity of their internal structures;

f) Legal, economic and financial supervision skills;

g) Knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework within the sector.

2. Participation requirements

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

1) Italian or EU citizenship with a good knowledge of the Italian language;

2) Enjoyment of civil rights;

3) Absence of finalised criminal convictions;

4) Not having been excluded from the active electorate;

5) Non-existence of cases of non-transferability/incompatibility pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 39/2013;

6) Academic qualifications: University degree obtained with the old educational system – i.e. graduate/master’s degree in the humanities and/or law sector, issued by a university recognised as compliant with the Italian university system;

7) Knowledge of written and spoken English;

8) Professional requirements: proven applicable professional qualifications, with experience of at least two years in the activities required for the appointment, as referred to in point 1 of this Notice, in public or private entities or institutions, or in public or private companies in Italy or abroad, or with a particular professional/cultural specialisation that can be inferred from university or post-university training, from academic/scientific publications or from practical qualified work experience of at least two years in Italy or abroad, in the activities involved in the appointment, including in state administrations, including those that make appointments, in positions that provide access to management, or from areas of university teaching or research.

9) This Notice is intended for internal or external candidates with relevant proven professional qualifications.

3. Remuneration

The remuneration will be established by the Board of Directors of the Foundation taking into account the professional profile of the candidate selected (in terms of professionalism, experience and specific skills), ranging from the minimum salary provided for top positions in public management by the relative national collective labour agreements and the remuneration approved for the outgoing Director-General, without prejudice to the power of the Board of Directors to decide upon variable levels of remuneration to be approved upon verification of the achievement of particular pre-established goals.

4. Term of office

The term of office of the Director-General and its possible renewal will be in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association (Art. 19).

5. How to submit an application

To ensure that their application is not rejected, candidates must submit the following documents by 12 noon on April 21, 2022:

1) A curriculum vitae in the Europass CV format, dated and signed, indicating the experience referred to in point 1, taking into account the requirements, skills, knowledge and specific experience required, as specified in points 1 and 2 of this Notice, as well as any further qualifications and publications relevant to the position in question;

2) An unauthenticated or digitally signed photocopy of a currently valid identity document of the candidate;

The application must be sent, in digital form only, to the following e-mail address:, with the subject line “Application for appointment as Director-General of the Fondazione Triennale di Milano”.

Please note that applications sent in any manner other than as indicated above will not be taken into consideration.

6. Assessment of candidatures

The initial selection, by means of a special Commission, will be based on the CVs received. Candidates who possess all the requirements will be called for a single in-person interview for the final selection. Based on the objectives, skills, specific knowledge and experience required in point 1 of this Notice, the Commission, once appointed, will establish the criteria for assessing the curricula in order to arrange the final interview.

The Foundation reserves the right not to fill the vacancy in the event that no candidates are deemed to be in possession of the characteristics required, as well as to extend, suspend, modify or withdraw the present selection procedure at any time and at its sole discretion.

7. Processing of personal data

All personal data collected will be processed in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, exclusively within the context of this procedure, for the purposes indicated in the documentation relating to the same. The provision of the data is a necessary prerequisite for participation in the procedure and refusal to consent to the processing of the data will entail exclusion from the procedure. The data controller is the Fondazione La Triennale di Milano (telephone: 02724341 – Certified e-mail (PEC) address:; Data Protection Officer: Giovanni Galimberti, DPO, Triennale di Milano).

This Notice is published on the institutional website of the Foundation.

Milan, April 6, 2022

President of the Fondazione La Triennale di Milano
Arch. Stefano Boeri

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