Families and kids

Triennale Milano has created a series of events for childrens in order to fire their curiosity about the world and helping them develop critical thinking in their approach to society

Onsite workshops are organised in the renovated Education Space. All activities are carried out in compliance with safety regulations.

Living in the Mind – Online Workshop

Living è un gioco di carte ideato da Enzo Mari e Paolo Gallerani che permette di creare infinite storie di persone, luoghi, e situazioni attorno cui creare progetti “da abitare”. Tante vite da immaginare attraverso un gioco di immedesimazione e una doppia sfida: inventare le propria serie di carte  e provare a creare non uno solo, ma infiniti progetti e idee, allenando la capacità di allargare i confini della mente. Share the cards you invented with your friends to further increase the possibilities!

Broken Atlas

We have devised some activities to do at home with the whole family. With ingenuity and imagination, Broken Atlas workshops (in collaboration with Ludosofici) prompt children to reflect on the relationship between humans and other living species.

PU(n)C – Online Workshop

How do we envision a new world that welcomes everyone – children, dogs, earthworms, robots and superheroes – living together in one city? Through PU(n)C urban plan (for new municipalities), you can imagine and design new schools, playgrounds, amusement parks, and much more from home, starting from random elements chosen by an algorithm!

Dictionary of situations – Online Workshop

What would a candlelit dinner between an ivy plant and a cat look like? What about a football match between caterpillars and robots? Let’s build a big “dictionary of situations” to make everyone feel at home! 

Installation work for the 23rd International Exhibition are in progress: the exhibition spaces and ticket office will be closed until July 15. Triennale Estate programming continues in the garden with meetings, events, DJ sets.

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