Amici della Triennale

Amici della Triennale is a non profit organization engaged in cultural patronage driven by values of social responsibility. It deepens and shares the transformation of languages in contemporary art and design with a special focus on young generations.

Becoming member of Amici della Triennale means to sustain La Triennale and participate in a wide range of cultural activities through ‘ad hoc’ projects and events.

Amici della Triennale is open to all: kids, students, individuals, corporates and institutions.

The president of Associazione Amici della Triennale is Elena Tettamanti.

T. +39.02.72434.283

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IX Triennale di Milano, 1951

Students Card / Upper Schools
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Continuing the effort to engage a larger community in its cultural activities, Amici della Triennale, along with the European Foundation Guido Venosta, launches the 2nd edition of its project dedicated to high school students of Milan and the metropolitan area.
As with the 1st edition, entitled Architettura dei luoghi, Architettura di emozioni, 2,500 students will be invited to participate. This year’s theme, called Ri-Abitiamo Milano, will be centered on ways to improve the environment, and overall quality of life, in their neighborhoods.

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Amici della Triennale Membership Cards are based on different forms of involvement to guarantee the widest participation of all.

Single 50 Euro
Dedicated to children 3–12 years old.

Single 100 Euro
Dedicated to students up to the age of 28.

Young People
Single 200 Euro
Dedicated to young Friends up to the age of 35.

Single 1.000 Euro
Couple 1.500 Euro

Single 4.000 Euro
Couple 6.000 Euro

Single 8.000 Euro
Couple 12.000 Euro
For those who wish to be important promoters and participate actively in the Triennale’s projects, also with tailor-made benefits for corporates and individuals.

The contribution for the categories indicated above is considered annual.

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5.000 Euro

10.000 Euro

15.000 Euro

The contribution for the categories indicated is considered annual.

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Installation work for the 23rd International Exhibition are in progress: the exhibition spaces and ticket office will be closed until July 15. Triennale Estate programming continues in the garden with meetings, events, DJ sets.

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