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Triennale Milano

Parole sottovoce

April 6 2020
As he talked with Stefano Boeri for Triennale Decameron, artist Marcello Maloberti explained his approach to art-making and his works after reading some passages from the book MARTELLATE (SCRITTI FIGHI 1990-2019), a collection of writings in the form of slogans that have accompanied Maloberti in almost thirty years of activity.
Marcello Maloberti, Trionfo dell’aurora, 2018
"These words gathered on walls are unsigned screams of despair, love, swearing, desires, dreams and nightmares.  They stink of life, like Marcello’s world; he loves the streets, but observes them from the terrace of art. Marcello is a metaphysical imaginative artist. He loves bodies as much as he loves language.  The pages of his book are three-dimensional phrases. Martellate (hammer blows) is a self-portrait that sums up the obsessions that feed his work in a fragmented, poetic form." Luca Lo Pinto Tutto ciò che amo è illegale o non risponde al telefono. Per Marcello. An excerpt from the book MARTELLATE (SCRITTI FIGHI 1990-2019) Marcello Maloberti, Flash Art, 2019

Marcello Maloberti, MARTELLATE (SCRITTI FIGHI 1990-2019), Flash Art, 2019
"The images that impact you most are the first ones you come across: from the flat horizon of the Po valley, you can only imagine something out of nowhere." Marcello Maloberti
Marcello Maloberti, Casa, 1993, Lambda print, cm 50 x 70, courtesy collezione privata, Milano
"I have always maintained a Fellini-like vision of the province." Marcello Maloberti
Marcello Maloberti, Kasalpusterlengo, 2006, inkjet print, cm 50 x 35, courtesy dell’Artista, Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano