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An Introduction to Mysteries: A Podcast by Francesco Pacifico

August 30 2022
In the realm of practicality and things, projects, models and industrial objects, the 23rd Triennale Milano International Exhibition has put together all sorts of mysteries. From the artworks of Fondation Cartier and its exhibition Mondo Reale, to the Italian design experiments of La tradizione del nuovo, from the thematic exhibition Unknown Unknowns to special projects and international participations, in 2022 Triennale calls together architects, scientists, designers, artists and intellectuals to reason and question about the world we live in.
The episodes
1 – Corridors Leading to Mysteries An introduction to the different projects that are part of the 23rd International Exhibition, that just like Il corridoio rosso by Giovanni Agosti and Jacopo Stoppa, presents many paths to follow and doors leading to the unknown.
2 – Weather Report Mondo Reale: weather as one of the greatest mysteries of today’s society marked by climate change, with works by David Lynch, Ron Mueck, Artavazd Pelešjan, Andrei Ujică and Sho Shibuya.
3 – How Triennale Was Born A step back in time to discover how the institution was born; from the very beginning in Monza, to the building of Palazzo dell’Arte, going through different International Exhibitions over time.
4 – Ideas For The Future La tradizione del nuovo: with works by Bruno Munari, Davide Mosconi, Denis Santachiara, Ico Parisi and Andrea Branzi, where design plays with tradition, opening to new horizons.
5 – Tree, Tower, Wall Francis Kéré at Triennale: a tree to gather people, a twelve-meter-high tower and a wall decorated with patterns found in vernacular architecture in Burkina Faso.
6 – The Weight of Design Gravity as “the greatest designer”, through works by Bruno Munari, Pio Manzù, Achille Castiglioni, Stefano Giovannoni and Ettore Sottsass.
7 – Playing the Chasm The installation by Francesco Bianconi Playing the Unknown translates the unknown into music, taking inspiration from the mysterious ocean floors.

Unknown Unknowns, installation view, ph. DSL Studio
Mondo Reale, installation view, ph. DSL Studio
La tradizione del nuovo, installation view, ph. DSL Studio
Playing The Unknown, installation view, ph. DSL Studio
Texts are written and interpreted by Francesco Pacifico and production is by Mismaonda. Sound design by Bruno Belissimo