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May 15 2020

The podcast we publish is a shared story of NOBODY'S INDISCIPLINE 2020/UNTOUCHABLE VERSION, an experience that took place from 4 to 9 May 2020 and involved artist* from all over the world.

Podcast conceived and created by Glauco Salvo, with the participants of Nobody's Indiscipline 2020

Nobody's Indiscipline is an independent and multidisciplinary platform for the exchange of practices in performing arts that has generated, in recent years, encounters, production of thoughts, exchanges, links, and a moment of breathing sideways to the logic of production.

From the very first moment – in fear and confusion – Nobody's Indiscipline has manifested itself in its splendour: defective, crooked, shapeless. Nobody's has revealed that a dimension made of research, exchange and encounter can be generated in a free, horizontal and non-expendable way. Its elusiveness, together with the desire not to identify and define itself, keep making it independent of any signature.

This year, having scheduled the meetings in the first week of May, we were faced with many questions, including whether to postpone it or try to move it into the air. Since Nobody's is the sharing of a present need and is – by its own nature – called to generate questions, thoughts and resistance, we finally imagined it could exist, taking a form given by the limits of this new state of things. We perceive this time not as a break from "normal life", rather our present reality that keeps changing. 

If Nobody's is based on the encounter of bodies, in a certain space, for a limited time, what can we exchange and what value can this encounter have, since our bodies cannot meet? Can this be an opportunity to enter into the substance of these needs and, through the sharing of practices, to experiment and explore how to relate to them?

Instagram at @nobodys_planet

Thus, we have put together a possible proposal, imagining to hold Nobody's in the days in which it was planned, from 4th to 9th May 2020, within new conditions. This decision obviously has an impact on the limits represented by an online version of Nobody's: limits of exceeding the stress threshold (threshold already compromised by this saturation of the online universe), limits of management and maintenance of the tool, limits of accessibility. 

We built together a format that included and alternated both on-line and off-line moments of exchange, dividing the time and space of the meetings into rooms. The Dark room, or the offline room, was the time of life dedicated to Nobody's in which we were not connected. The practices, launched through a commonly available Telegram chat, could also take place in our private spaces, without a direct and soon-to-come sharing. The hang-out room was an on-line space, active 24 hours a day, where files could be shared and access to which was regulated by desire, responsibility and the management of one’s own time and resources. Every day at the same time, this online space became the Check-in Room, later renamed Inefficiency-Buffer-Zone, which hosted meetings we all participated in, to exchange feedback and put forward proposals for the following days. 

NOBODYS INDISCIPLINE 2020/ UNTOUCHABLE VERSION was a community experiment, to generate connections, alliances, thoughts and actions, as well as to try to use the opportunity, if any, of this state of affairs.

While previous versions focused onto the city and the spaces that hosted the meetings, this year the limit of mobility has geographically extended the format, making it possible to have a connection between people who were in different continents, at the same time, at different times of the day and who enjoyed an online and offline connection 24 hours a day.

A facebook post published by Veza Maria Fernandez Saturday 9 May 2020


Curated and organized by Annamaria Ajmone and Sara Leghissa. 
With: Annamaria Ajmone, Dyonisis Argyropoulous, Daniela Bershan, Rahel Barra, Deborah Birch, Alice Daneluzzo, Matteo de Blasio, Valentina Desideri, Rita Duina, Veza Maria Fernandez Wenger, Paola Granato, Catalina Insignares, Jacopo Jenna, Sara Leghissa, Sara Manente, Paola Stella Minni, Giulia Pallidini, Sarah Parolin, Livia Andrea Piazza, Giulia Polenta, Petra Rocca, Glauco Salvo, Marcela Santander Corvàlan, Valerio Sirna, Stella Succi, Chiara Vacirca.
NOBODYS INDISCIPLINE 2020/ UNTOUCHABLE VERSION is an independent platform produced by Nobody’s Indiscipline and supported by Triennale Milano Teatro, Ariella Vidach AIEP/DID STUDIO. Hosted and supported in its NESSUNO/nobody's party form by COX18. Nobody's Indiscipline is part of the Nobody's Business project imagined by Eleanor Bauer, Alice Chauchat and Ellen Söderhult.

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